Qualification requirements for each category of membership:

a) Full Members of the Society will hold a post-graduate qualification in Art Therapy e.g. 2 years Masters Degree in Art Therapy. Full Members are eligible and encouraged to vote and to participate in Society business and governance. Full members are required to maintain a personal log of clinical hours (professional profile) and to seek regular supervision.


b) Associate Members comprise those individuals who satisfy the Committee of their legitimate interest in Art Therapy and with the aims and spirit of the Society objects but whose training and professional focus may differ from the specialty of Art Therapy. Such professionals may include for example, those practicing creative or diagnostic arts approaches via social work, education, medicine or psychology.


c) Student members are individuals undertaking full-time post graduate training in art therapy. Fellows of the Society are individuals who are well-established and have made substantial original contribution to the advancement of art therapy knowledge or practice. Fellows of the Society may be proposed by Fellows of overseas Art Therapy societies or by the Committee.


Membership Fees Information

Enrolment of new members and renewal of membership will be in September every year.


Membership period is on an annual basis from September to August.


Members are required to renew their membership on or before 1st of September of every year.


A one-time processing fee of S$ 80.00 for all new application is non-refundable and non- applicable to annual membership renewal and subscription.


Any individual who wishes to join the association from September till February in the following year will pay the annual rate at 100%.


Any individual who wishes to become a member from the month of March in the following year will pay a prorated fee at 50%. Such membership will be renewed at the full rate from September in the same year.


Membership is considered to have terminated if members do not notify the association of the intention to renew three months after September.