ART THERAPISTS' ASSOCIATION SINGAPORE | The Committee & Honorary Positions
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The Committee & Honorary Positions


Art therapy is a growing professional in Singapore whose practitioners’ aim is to help their clients to discover an outlet for often complex and confusing emotions which cannot always be expressed verbally and to foster within them self-awareness and growth. Art therapists are evolving distinct ways of working according to their specialization and work settings, to local or accepted practices of employing authorities and to laws and customs of the countries where they may practice after training.

Art therapists are expected to enhance their skills, remain abreast of new developments in art psychotherapy knowledge and practice and grow professionally through continuous educational activities, learning and development.

The Code of Ethics and Principles of Professional Practice have been set out to provide registered members of the Art Therapists’ Association Singapore with fundamental principles, standards and guidelines for the public using their services.

Rachel Yang, MA, AThR

Registered art therapist ANZACATA (Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association)
Certified in Expressive Sandplay therapy and Developmental Play Therapy.
Currently pursuing CPCAB Level 6 Art therapy supervision Diploma.


Rachel is the co-founder and managing partner of Daylight Creative Therapies. Her therapy practice is based on a trans-disciplinary approach where the course of therapy is adapted to the specific needs of her clients. Her clinical practice has included work in a crisis shelter with women and children who have experienced domestic violence and homelessness (trauma, neglect, shame, low self-esteem, attachment issues, anxiety, depression and affect dysregulation); working with adults and children with muscular dystrophy (anger, shame, isolation, anxiety, bullying) as well as their caregivers in both individual and group settings (loss, grief resolution and bereavement); working with children and adolescents with special needs including ASD (sensory processing issues, affect dysregulation); working with adults with various disabilities; working with children, adolescents and adults in private practice.

Dr Huma Durrani (AThR)

Registered art therapist ANZACATA (Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association)
DAT, MAAT, BA (hons). Dip. Spld.


Huma is an art psychotherapist, author and researcher. She runs a private practice in Singapore by the name of Coloured Canvas.


Huma espouses an eclectic theoretical and practical stance aimed at addressing client-specific needs that may be psycho-emotional, behavioural or developmental in nature. She has worked extensively with children and adolescents addressing issues such as: stress, anxiety, low-self-esteem, self-regulation, social skills, trauma and behavioural challenges.


Huma has published her doctoral research in academic journals and presented her work internationally. Huma published a memoir called “Wrapped in Blue” in which she documented her journey about raising her 23-year-old son with autism. Her book: ‘Sensory-Based Relational Art Therapy (S-BRATA). Supporting Emotional Needs in Children with Autism’ is out now.

May Lim, AThR

Registered art therapist ANZACATA (Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association)
MAAT, GradDip SPED, BAP (Cum Laude)


She has experience working with individuals with special needs since 2010. She is currently a practising art therapist working with children and young adults with special needs, children, adolescents, and seniors at various settings. Embracing process art making, May encourages individuals to engage in spontaneous sensory exploration and creative self-expression. Given the space and time to connect, May believes in the inherent healing qualities of art making process, which discovers and nurtures a deeper understanding of the Self. She also believes that art making foster resilience in individuals and aids self-regulation, both emotionally and behaviourally.


Her personal creative practice includes working with abstract arts, paints, tactile materials, and recycled and natural materials. Through the creative process, May develops her understanding towards the importance of expressive quality of art media in engaging people at different levels. She is also seeking ways to incorporate everyday materials into the creative process and themes of therapeutic opportunity in the hope of encouraging individuals to engage in art making for self-care and self-discovery.


May is trained and certified in Theraplay® Informed Practice by The Theraplay® Institute and body-focused, trauma-informed art therapy from Institute for Sensorimotor Art Therapy. She continues to seek opportunities for professional development in expanding her repertoire of knowledge and tools.

Ng Jue Ann, MA, AThR

Registered art therapist ANZACATA (Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association)


Jue Ann is an art therapist who works with older adults, especially persons living with dementia (PLD) in residential and community settings. She had developed a great interest in working with older adults since her postgraduate training to facilitate them to age with dignity. Over the years, she believes that PLD’s vitality and creativity are still intact despite dementia. Through arts, it is a place of hope and compassion for that short window of time for the seniors to immerse in a process that reminds them of their capabilities and strengths, not their deficits and what they have lost. It continues to be a privilege to share this journey with PLD and their families..

Buvenasvari Pragasam, MA, AThR

Registered art therapist ANZACATA (Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association)
MA Art Therapy
BA Psychology (Minor: IO Psychology)
Dip in Business Management (Specl: HR)


Buvenasvari provides art therapy for adolescents and working adults from diverse circumstances. She previously conducted insightful art therapy sessions for female adolescents with complex trauma at a residential home and has worked with geriatric clients with profiles such as dementia, stroke survivors, Parkinson’s disease and other chronic conditions at a nursing home. Having witnessed the progress of her clients, she is a motivated advocate and works with various organisations to aid their beneficiaries’ healing processes. Before embarking on her art therapy journey, she was an Educational Therapist at the Dyslexia Association of Singapore and conducted literacy remediation for her students with specific learning differences.


Areas of interest: Youths and adults with developmental/complex trauma and business

Areas of experience: Elderly with dementia, stroke and Parkinsons, mainstream students with specific learning differences (dyslexia), youths and adults with trauma

Karen Koh, MA

Registered art therapist ANZACATA (Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association)
MA Art Therapy


Deeply-rooted in the disciplines of psychology, art therapy and spirituality, Karen centers her practice with the arts as an essential for holistic personal development and meaning-making of life experiences. With strong belief in the significance of the arts culture within healthcare and social service sectors, she has dedicated time to work with various communities like children and youths-at-risk, older adults with mental health conditions and caregivers support. In recent years, Karen has been growing her practice as an art therapist-artist in community-based settings of local context.

Lee Sze-Chin, MAAT, AThR, LPC

Registered art therapist ANZACATA (Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association)


Sze-Chin is an art therapist, art educator and artist. He has been investigating how immersive new media experiences can promote creative self-expression and encourage mindfulness. Most recently, he has been piloting digital eLearning projects in the community, and for the arts and culture sector.


As an art therapist, Sze-Chin serves diverse populations with a variety of goals and treatment needs. For the past 3 years, he has focused on art therapy work with older adults. He believes in co-creating a safe and supportive space for clients to be comfortable in, so that they can express their goals for healing. Through the art making process and the metaphoric content, Sze-Chin engages clients in constructing and creating new meanings, narratives, and identities, so that they can discover different ways to gain personal insight and improve their health and well-being.

Boo Xu Ning, MA Art Therapy, BA (Hons) Psychology

Registered art therapist ANZACATA (Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association)


Xu Ning is an art therapist working with children and adults with experience of complex trauma. During her art therapy training, she practiced at a halfway home for individuals struggling with addiction and child protection agency. Prior to her art therapy training, she completed her BA (hons) Psychology, volunteered and worked as a teacher at a school for individuals with special needs and was a research assistant for the MOE Psychological services branch. Her interest lies in providing art therapy services for caregivers, individuals who experienced complex trauma and people struggling with addiction.

Yau Gee Lam

Second-year MA Art Therapy student – LASALLE College of the Arts


Gee became interested in art therapy through her personal experience of how art helped her express the inexplicable feelings and emotions that she had through her artwork and illustrations. She has a keen interest in psychology and finds art therapy to be the marriage between her two passions: art and psychology. She is currently working with adolescents who have experienced trauma from relationships. She hopes that through art therapy more people can have fun with art, be their authentic selves and see the world in a better light.

Yap Zi Wei

First-year MA Art Therapy student – LASALLE College of the Arts


Zi Wei has worked in public service across social policy and programmes, arts and cultural management, and infrastructure planning over the last 10 years. She sees patterns in many things, magic in the commonplace, awesomeness in animals, and expresses this through drawing, painting and pottery. Through whimsical re-imaginings of what life offers up, Zi Wei hopes to help others find wonder in the everyday.