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Strategic Plan

ATAS Strategic Plan 2023-2026

Mission Vision
To advance art therapy in Singapore through:

  • Advocacy for the profession
  • Public outreach and education
  • Collaborations with creative arts associations and other mental health
    care organizations in Singapore to create awareness of art therapy as a
    recognised mental health care profession
  • Upholding the professional integrity, ethics and standards of art therapists in Singapore
  • Promoting fundamental principles, standards, guidelines and regulation
    for the best practice of arts-based therapies in Singapore
  • Facilitating continuing professional development (CPD) for art therapists
    in Singapore

A professional association of integrity and vision, to support, serve and advocate for its members, while upholding professional standards and ethical art therapy practices in Singapore.

Organisational Sustainability Ethics & Research Community Outreach Continuous Professional Development
Maintain a sustainable organisation that is adequately resourced and accountable to its members Support our members to uphold professional and ethical standards in both research and practice. Collaborate with members
and proactively build relationships with professional organisations and key stakeholders to advocate and promote art therapy profession.
Create a culture of lifelong learning for art therapists in Singapore and provide our members with accessible & relevant professional development and learning opportunities to meet their evolving professional needs
  • Ensure transparency and proper governance according to the requirements of Registry of Societies in Singapore
  • Ensure appropriate structure of the organization
  • Build and strengthen human resources and organisational capability to effectively deliver member services
  • Ensure the financial viability of the organisation by identifying potential revenue streams
  • Conduct an internal assessment to identify members’ needs and expectations for CPD
  • Provide members with education, training, support and advice in professional and ethical standards in both practice and research
  • Set and uphold a high level of professional and ethical standards
  • Develop the Code of Conduct for art therapists in Singapore
  • Engage key stakeholders and members of the public on social media platforms to develop meaningful interactions and improved communication
  • Highlight the work that we undertake to provide value to members
  • Partner with the public and like- minded external organisations to raise awareness for arts-based therapies and mental wellness
  • Support Members to advocate for themselves, the profession and the wellbeing and mental health needs of the community
  • Develop and endorse CPD activities to prepare art therapy students and practitioners for their current and future practice with specialised skills
  • Develop a CPD events calendar for members to actively plan their professional development tailored to their learning needs and goals
  • Work with partners from the healthcare, education, and arts industries to support the CPD initiatives
Key Results
  • Annual financial statements that provide assurance to Members of financial accountability
  • Document and publish the organisation wide policies
  • Attract and retain new and experienced members and contractors to contribute to ATAS
  • Improve efficiencies through the increased use of web-based technologies
  • External assurance of performance through compliance with requirements from Registry of Societies
  • Established platform for periodic discussions about research experiences and ethical challenges.
  • Published (on ATAS website) code of ethics that reflect understanding and awareness of the ethical boundaries within the practice and research of arts-based therapies
  • Support and empower members to practice according to professional standards and encourage to learn new knowledge and skills required for contemporary and emerging research and practice
  • Develop academic and other publications that raise the voice of art therapists in Singapore and share their professional experiences.
  • Greater Member participation of our activities, including advocacy, professional development and member services
  • Clarity on Member benefits that ATAS provide
  • A greater sense of professional identity and pride in our professional work
  • Strong relationships, evidenced through Memorandums of Understanding or organisational membership, with key stakeholders that champion our profession and our broader interests
  • Improved public trust and appreciation for arts-based therapies
  • Increased member self-advocacy and professional unity in promoting the profession to the public and other health care professionals in Singapore
  • Art therapists practicing in Singapore have access to diverse and high quality CPD education and training to meet their professional development needs and goals
  • Members can plan and tailor their own professional development before each membership cycle ends
  • Our CPD program will be a valuable resource for all mental healthcare professionals and practitioners in Singapore
Exco Research and Ethics SIG Community Outreach SIG Continuous Professional Development SIG

This information is correct as of 10 July 2023 and is subjected to review from time to time.